In The Field



Central Valley

We depart the Modesto area twice a year on Friday morning & land in San Felipe. We provide optometry exams and dispense eye glasses. "Better Together" of Ensenada helps to assists patients in obtaining Cataract Surgery. We return to the U.S. on Sunday. 

Mother Lode

We provide dental care, vision tests, eyeglass distribution, and a variety of other medical services in San Quintin. We provide scholarships to local students. We usually fly the second Friday of every month. Most flights depart Sacramento/Stockton area landing at Los Pinos Airstrip and returning on Sunday.

Southern California

SouCal serves Villa Jesus Maria, focusing on dental and general medicine. Departing the second Saturday of each month and returning Sunday, we first land in Mexicali (sometimes picking up Pasantes) or San Felipe for refueling and then land in Jesus Maria. Occasionally we host Gynecology, Optical and Pediatrics clinics when medical personnel are available.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast provides specialty surgeries in San Quintin. We usually fly the third Friday of each month (except September & December.) Most flights depart San Luis Obispo and/or Ventura, landing at Los Pinos Airstrip. We accept referrals through our website or email.

Poker Tournament

Palomar manages several clinics throughout Northern Baja. Many of these clinics are operated by university students from Southern California.

Rosarito operates a "drive" clinic since we are so close to the border.  We see approximately 300 patients a month with services including diabetic, general health, eye, and hearing issues. The 2nd & 4 Saturdays are health clinics. Hearing and Eye clinics are on the 3rd Saturday.
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